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The Celebrity Archaeology Podcast

May 11, 2018

    Today's trifecta. The jiggler, the jingler and the mermaid together in 1982. Pictured are Suzanne Somers, Barry Manilow and the late Esther Williams. This unlikely threesome is just one of the many odd couplings of celebs that you'll find at Celebrity  Suzanne Somers. She'll be forever remembered as the blonde in the white Thunderbird in American Graffiti. After playing many dumb blonde roles, Suzanne has lasted in show business by taking detours. Career Actress, author, infomercial gal and health spokesperson has kept her name in the forefront. She is the author or more than 25 books with the latest being "Two's Company" about her 50 year relationship with her husband/manager Alan Hamel. Her role as Chrissy Snow on "Three's Company" made her a household name but listening to her husband's advice cost her the role on the hit TV com. Asking for a big pay raise and 10% of the profit of the show backfired and Suzanne found herself out of a job. She tried her hand at other series including "Step by Step" but it would be her writing that would draw attention. In between books, she became the spokesman for Thighmaster which is one of the most memorable infomercials ever made. She also found time to star in a Las Vegas show. Books The subjects of Suzanne's books range from her personal account growing up with an alcoholic father to tips on her ageless beauty. The book was called "Ageless: The naked truth about Bioidentcial Hormones (1966). A breast cancer survivor, she underwent a lumpectomy and radiation therapy. Her unconventional alternative cancer treatments which she also put in a books gave her both praise and criticism. Quote

"Every morning I get up, and I do a meditation of gratitude for the love I have in my life, my wonderful husband, my wonderful children, the work I get to do, the country I get to live in,” she says. “I think happiness is something you can choose."
Barry Manilow You heard his jingles before you knew him. Writing songs for McDonald's and Dr. Pepper preceded his world-wide recognition as an entertainer and songwriter. Early Career The Brooklyn-born Barry has an interesting fact on his resume. He was then-unknown Bette Midler's pianist when she was performing in New York's gay bath houses. It seemed an unlikely path for the young musician who studied at New York College of Music and Julliard School. The hit maker ("Mandy," "I Write the Songs" and "Copacabana") are three songs that define the popular entertainer. After touring, he took up residence in Las Vegas with his show-stopping performances. Love It wasn't until April 2017 that Barry revealed that he had been married to his partner Gary Kief after a 30 year relationship. Afraid to come out to the public, he was shocked to find that his fans still supported him. Quote
“I thought I would be disappointing them if they knew I was gay. So I never did anything,” Manilow said. “When they found out that Gary and I were together, they were so happy. The reaction was so beautiful — strangers commenting, ‘Great for you!’ I’m just so grateful for it.”
Esther Williams She was known as "America's Mermaid." Esther Williams capitalized on her talent as a champion synchronized swimmer to bring something new to the screen. The Musicals Her beautiful body and pool scenes made her a darling of MGM in the '40s and 50's. Technicolor brought her routines to life and she said it seemed as if she "invited the viewers into the pool with her." Two of her famous movies to check out are "Neptune's Daughter," and "Million Dollar Mermaid." Other Ventures Esther left acting but kept her name in the public when she started her Esther Williams swimwear line and Esther Williams Pool Company-both of which are still around today. Family Life She married four times. Her third husband was the actor Fernando Lamas and she remained with him until his death. Esther died on April 6, 2013 in Los Angeles at the age of 91. Quote
"Somehow I kept my head above water. I relied on the discipline, character and strength that I had started to develop as that little girl in her first swimming pool."   Links: The Book: The Podcast: Hear, rate and review the Podcast in iTunes! The Donation: