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The Celebrity Archaeology Podcast

May 14, 2018

Paul and Linda McCartney,  photographed  in 1982, are on this episode’s cover. We can thank Linda for being the inspiration behind Paul's most beautiful ballads including "Maybe I'm Amazed" and "My Love." The couple Paul told People Magazine in 1993 that "Any love song I wrote was written for Linda." Their marriage lasted 29 years until Linda's death from breast cancer on April 17, 1993. They spent only a total of 11 nights apart when Paul was jailed in Japan on a marijuana charge. Paul fell for the striking Linda after meeting her in 1967 when she was a celebrity photographer on assignment in London. Paul took to the American woman who was unassuming. She dressed down and preferred being out with mother nature rather than attend parties.

"I don't need a lot of money, simplicity is the answer for me," she said. (Paul's estimated net worth at the time was $860 million). The McCartneys married in 1969 and Paul adopted her daughter Heather. They spent blissful days on a farm in Scotland where they raised their growing family. Mary, Stella (the successful fashion designer) and James completed the group.
Linda's background Linda Eastman was born in New York City and raised in Westchester. Her father was an entertainment lawyer. She lost her mother in an airline crash which gave her a fear of flying . She preferred spending time at home rather than traveling. Linda attended Vermont College where she received an Associate of Arts degree. Later, she attended the University of Arizona where she majored in Fine Arts. It was while she was at the University of Arizona that she met and married Melvin See. They had a daughter named Heather. The marriage was short-lived and Linda found herself living as a single mom. She got a job as a receptionist at Town and Country Magazine. She used an unwanted invitation to a Rolling Stones party in New York to document the event and photograph the band.  This became an important career change for her. In the mid-sixties, she continued to chronicle all of the top bands of the musical revolution going on. On May 11, 1968, she became the first female photographer to have her work o the cover of Rolling Stone. It was a photograph of Eric Clapton. Animals
Besides photography, animals and vegetarianism were Linda's passions. Linda described the McCartney's meatless turning point: " We stopped eating meat many years ago. During the course of a Sunday lunch we happened to look out of the kitchen window at our young lambs playing happily in the fields. Glancing down at our plates, we suddenly realized that we were eating the leg of an animal who had until recently been playing in a field herself. We looked at each other and said,'Wait a minute, we love these sheep-they're such gentle creatures. So why are we eating them?' It was the last time we ever did.
Linda published a successful line of vegetarian cookbooks and together with her husband they started McVege- a line of vegetarian products. Wings It was Linda who helped Paul through the devastating breakup of the Beatles. In 1971, Paul and Linda formed Wings. He taught her how to play keyboards and her vocals can be heard on all of their music.  "When I first toured with Wings, the things that were said about me were true, " she said. "I did sing out of tune!" ----- Paul's final words to Linda:
"You're up on your beautiful Appaloosa stallion. It's a fine spring day. We're riding through the woods. The bluebells are all out, and the sky is clear-blue."
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